Monthly Archives: April 2013

A Weird Aftertaste

Don’t get me wrong – I like what the Coca-Cola brand does to promote itself. Generally speaking, I think it has a very innovative and experimental  approach to advertising. I just loved the “007 Skyfall” guerrilla campaign and Re:Brief “Hilltop” (thanks to Google?).

The next one left a bit of “bad taste” after watching it – how volunteers in a hypnosis show react to the taste of Coca-Cola Zero.
I just think it’s an example of “old fashion” advertisement showcasing laziness:

1, Hypnosis shows are so out-dated and in my opinion are counterproductive when connected with a commercial product, unless it is made in a sophisticated manner to emphasize a point – none done in the Coca-Cola ad. 
2. High quality filming and editing with very attractive participants  causing the whole video to look completely staged.
3. It could be done for any other product in the world.

Simply lacks any quality of a good viral video. I simply didn’t have the reason to even share it. But I wrote about it, so it did have some impact, huh?

I’m waiting to see what Coca-Cola will bring next.