From many – First!

Hello World.
This is my first post on my first blog.
I’m a strategic planner in an advertising company, keen about learning, investigating and understanding campaigns, products, people and how they all interact.
This blog (which still doesn’t have a name) will revolve around the subjects of marketing, advertising and social media. Here I will write and post different thoughts that cross my mind regarding these subjects, interesting things I stumble upon or campaigns I find worth mentioning.
Any referrals to a certain subject and/or comments from you will be much appreciated as my intention is to have a fertile and useful discussions about the issues and to learn substantially from the process of writing.

Some would say this blog long due, but you need sometimes to let things cook until you can eat them.

In the meanwhile here’s a song for you – Crossroads performed by Cream. I hope this journey will take us to good places.
And here’s a fun fact: The legend about the writer of the song (the great Robert Johnson) says he sold his soul to the Devil in order to play guitar.


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